IT Solutions with Passion and Care!

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How it Works

1. On-Site Desktop support

Our on-site desktop support specialists are trained computer experts who provide exceptional quality of technical support to users of computer software and hardware.

2. Remote Desktop support

At CreateITivity, we proudly provide Web-based remote support for PCs, Macs and tablets using step by step solution strategies. Our staff of highly trained professionals provide timely support to cater to all remote desktop support needs.

3. Networking

In today's high tech, high impact world, the exceptional productivity and growth efficiency brought by IT solutions can have a large impact on your business’s success.

About Us

We are a dedicated team of highly professional individuals with exceptionally proven service standards. We take pride in strengthening the life line of your business through keeping your computers and network healthy and breathing in just about every environment. For over 5 years, we specialize in providing customized solutions for IT support needs. The collective support capability we possess can truly be an asset for the growth of your business. Our services are guaranteed to avoid the cookie cutter approach as your needs are as unique as You are! CreateITivity believes IT support requires knowledge that is current and applicable to the user's environment…..something we proudly hold under our belts!
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CreateITivity is an amazing company to work with. Their service is reliable, user-friendly, and dependable. The tech support is speedy, helpful, and knowledgeable. And I love the professionals who work there. It's a pleasure to deal with them on all levels.


Profile management is essential for a controllable yet customizable user profile environment for your employees and I learned this from CreateITivity professionals. Their expert advice helped us develop a user profile management system that rocks! Thanks to CreateITivity, our system has the ability to eliminate profile corruption, avoids roaming profiles, cleanses user registries, reduces login and logout times and provides consistent, high quality system performance for all levels of IT users in our company.


CreateITivity provided us with quality service solutions for our IT support needs. Their friendly team provides general support as well as installation help, computer technical help and troubleshooting…. You just name the service and they are there to help. I am glad that our company found CreateITivity as our back up team!

Contact Us

For all levels of collective corporate environments, CreateITivity IT support specialists are the know-it-all-gurus who possess a high level of expertise coupled with the ability to troubleshoot and repair problems via e-mail, phone, or in person. Our experts can solve both hardware and software problems, diagnose and resolve network connectivity problems, as well as help with product updates. We practically provide all the technical support that you could possibly need 24/7, so without further a due, please call us at: 416.587.7375