IT Solutions with Passion and Care!

We make technology work for you.

1. On-Site Desktop support

Our on-site desktop support specialists are trained computer experts who provide exceptional technical support to users of computer software and hardware. Go beyond the expectations for running Windows®, Macintosh®, or Linux® operating systems. Our experts are equally helpful for variable sized workplaces as well as for enhancing the customer service experience for all levels of users.

2. Remote Desktop support

At CreateITivity, we proudly provide Web-based remote support for PCs, Macs and tablets using step by step solution strategies. Our staff of highly trained professionals provide timely support to cater to all remote desktop support needs.

3. Networking

In today's high tech, high impact world, the exceptional productivity and growth efficiency brought by IT solutions can have a large impact on your business success. However, it is these same technologies that can present users with challenges and technical issues that can cause road blocks. This is exactly where CreateITivity comes in for the rescue and continual support.

4. Maintaining Servers

The CreateITivity team takes pride in maintaining your server’s integrity, securing your data, eliminating viruses, network and systems related issues and in providing IT maintenance solutions. We service, fix, or repair, existing Apple, Microsoft Windows computers plus much more.

5. Managing User Profiles

At CreateITivity we support and manage your user profiles that helps employees to be productive by providing a reliable desktop experience with personal customizations at their fingertips. A Windows profile is essentially an individual's personal settings on his or her workstation or desktop. From display settings such as wallpapers and screen savers to network and printer connections, the user profile is where all changes and modifications are customized and stored.

6. Quarterly patching

Creativity professionals believe that patching can create rapidly growing companies that outperform. In order to provide Creativity clients with confidence and peace of mind in keeping their environments up to date, Creativity offers the professional quality Patching Service. Creativity can team up with you or your IT team to determine which type of patching works better for you. We specialize in rolling or non-rolling Storage Server patches to suit all needs and challenges.